Book Evaluation Guidelines

These are not meant to be book reports (simply reiterating what the book was about). Rather, they are evaluations of the book’s contents and how the Brother may apply the information in his Masonic journey. Most book evaluation reports are approximately 2-3 pages, submitted in Word or PDF format and accompanied by an Academy cover sheet.

Specific requirements:


1. Academy cover sheet

2. Paper:





Type of activity (required/optional book, meeting evaluation, education program, article)

Level (1, 2 or 3)

MEU (Masonic Education Unit) requested


Pages numbered

No spelling, punctuation or grammar errors


You may provide a brief (1-3 paragraph) summary

Assessment of the general usefulness of the book for Masons

Examples of what the Brother agrees or disagrees with and why

Examples of how the Brother may apply information from the book to his Masonic journey

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