TN Masonic Academy



All Tennessee Lodge of Research Masons are eligible to participate in the Tennessee Lodge of Research’s Academy of Masonic Knowledge Certification Process, culminating with the designation as a Tennessee Master Masonic Scholar after completing the three levels. To start you need to fill out the TN Masonic Academy Enrollment Form and send it to the address on the form.

External studies programs are currently the fastest growing of all educational methods and the most diverse. The Tennessee Lodge of Research will attempt to provide to you the basic tools and principles for your study. How well you use these tools in your pursuit of Masonic knowledge will be analyzed and determined through your Evaluation Reports. It is important to your success that you not only know the subject, but that you demonstrate an ability to identify and apply the Masonic principles you have learned. The best ideas are those that work and the best scholars are leaders who set the pace for putting their thoughts and knowledge into action.

Masonic Education Units

MEU’s (Masonic Education Units) will be used as the standard measurement for recording achievement.

Each level contains basic and core information as its anchor. However, the requirements are formulated to allow you some flexibility to pursue individual interests. Avenues are provided for earning certification in a variety of ways.

To receive Masonic Education Unit credit for any activity, you are required to submit a written Evaluation Report describing your activity. For presentations and programs, submit a copy of the program text or an outline of it along with the Evaluation Report Cover Sheet.

For those who feel they have already completed an equivalent number of MEU’s via previous study (within the last five (5) years), enrolling in a higher level is permissible so long as you can verify your proficiency to the Tennessee Lodge of Research. This proficiency is demonstrated by submitting an Evaluation Report, with cover sheet, for each unit of previously completed work for each MEU that you request.

TN Masonic Academy Enrollment Form


Certification Level 1

Certification Level 2

Certification Level 3

Guidelines for Activities and Writing Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Form TN Masonic Academy (Cover Sheet)